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City of Dieppe photos

Inflatable kites, Dover Park.
Acrobatic flight, Dover Park. 
The wind corridor, Dover Park. 
Shows, Dover Park.
Inflatable kite, Dover Park
Inflatable games, Dover park.
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In memory of our 3 fallen RCMP officers, Dover Park. 

Inflatable kite, Dover Park.

Huge soap bubbles, Dover Park.  
The wind corridor, Dover Park.
Kite making tent, Dover Park.
Inflatable Kites, Dover Park.
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Kite flyers from all around the world, Dover Park.
Candy shower, Dover Park. 
Running of the bols, Dover Park.
Vol de nuit, Dover Park. 
Wind corridor, Dover Park. 
Inflatable kites, Dover Park. 

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Photos taken by Yvon Haché:



Video from Amy and Connor Doran (2013 Edition) - Here 

Video from Walt Forsey - Here



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