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The Dieppe Kite International is comprised of three types of activity: kite flying, community activities and cultural activities.

The first stream is based on kite flying and is the main attraction of the festival thanks to the originality and uniqueness it brings to the region. Kite flying disciplines are varied and include, among others, extreme acrobatic kite flying and creative kite flying. Many activities are organized around the kite flying theme, such as kite flying by participants from around the world, a “fighting kites” contest (Rokkaku), kite making workshops, kite flying sessions for kids, adults and older adults and night flight sessions.
Admission to the site is FREE
Community Zone
Shows on stage: $6 / person
Shows on stage and unlimited access to inflatable games: 
$8 /  person (Wednesday and Thursday)  
$10 / person (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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    Acrobatic Flights 
Dover Park
Acrobatic Flights are orchestrated and elaborated kite group formations creating an incredible ballet to the sound of music in the sky.  

Every day all day.
      Rokkaku Combat
Dover Park 
The rule for these combats is simple: the last kite in the sky wins. To win, participants must either cut the lines of their opponents or knock the other kites out of the sky using their own kite.  

3 h every day
Dover Park
There will be great music shows every days of the festival featuring talents such as:
Felix Belliveau,
Liquid Courage,
Nine Mile River... 
and more!
    Single-line, inflatable, custom-made kites and free flights 
Dover Park

Every day all day.
Children's Activities       
    Inflatable Games
Dover Park
Kids won't be disappointed with our huge inflatable giant games setup. 

Every day fun starting at 10a.m.
    Running of the bols
Dover Park
This is like a tug of war with the wind. "Bols" are large parachute-like wind devices that kite fliers use as line or ground decorations. The concept is simple: stand with a bol on the downwind side of the field then run against the wind.

Every day at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
    Scavenger Hunt
Dover Park
Pick up your scavenger hunt in the kite-making tent.  The hunt will send you and your friends on an exciting search that leads to a prize!  

Every day 
    Kite-Making Tent
Dover Park
Create your own kite with the help of our guest kite fliers and volunteers. 

Every day  
      Candy Shower
Dover Park
Individually wrapped candy will be placed in a pouch attached to a kite and opened to create a shower of candy 

Every day at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Dover Park
Collect kite flyers signatures and present yourself to the kite-making tent to receive your prize 

Every day


Phone : 506.877.7878 | kite@dieppe.ca

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